Abjad’s top-level functions.


activate Activates tag in text.
annotate Annotates component with indicator.
attach Attaches attachable to target.
deactivate Deactivates tag in text.
detach Detaches indicators-equal-to-argument from target.
f Formats argument and prints result.
graph Graphs argument.
inspect Makes inspection agent.
iterate Makes iteration agent.
label Makes label agent or label expression.
mutate Makes mutation agent.
new Makes new argument with optional keywords.
override Makes LilyPond grob name manager.
parse Parses LilyPond string.
persist Makes persistence manager.
play Plays argument.
select Selects items or makes select expression.
sequence Makes sequence or sequence expression.
setting Makes LilyPond setting name manager.
show Shows argument.
tweak Makes LilyPond tweak manager.