digraph InheritanceGraph { graph [bgcolor=transparent, color=lightsteelblue2, fontname=Arial, fontsize=10, outputorder=edgesfirst, overlap=prism, penwidth=2, rankdir=LR, splines=spline, style="dashed, rounded", truecolor=true]; node [colorscheme=pastel19, fontname=Arial, fontsize=10, height=0, penwidth=2, shape=box, style="filled, rounded", width=0]; edge [color=lightslategrey, penwidth=1]; subgraph cluster_abc { graph [label=abc]; node [color=1]; "abc.ABC" [URL="https://docs.python.org/3.6/library/abc.html#abc.ABC", label=ABC, target=_top]; } subgraph "cluster_abjadext.book" { graph [label="abjadext.book"]; node [color=2]; "abjadext.book.AbjadBookScript.AbjadBookScript" [URL="../api/abjadext/book/AbjadBookScript.html#abjadext.book.AbjadBookScript.AbjadBookScript", color=black, fontcolor=white, label="Abjad\nBook\nScript", target=_top]; } subgraph cluster_builtins { graph [label=builtins]; node [color=3]; "builtins.object" [URL="https://docs.python.org/3.6/library/functions.html#object", label=object, target=_top]; } subgraph "cluster_uqbar.cli" { graph [label="uqbar.cli"]; node [color=4]; "uqbar.cli.CLI.CLI" [label=CLI, shape=oval, style=bold]; } "abc.ABC" -> "uqbar.cli.CLI.CLI"; "builtins.object" -> "abc.ABC"; "uqbar.cli.CLI.CLI" -> "abjadext.book.AbjadBookScript.AbjadBookScript"; }

class abjadext.book.AbjadBookScript.AbjadBookScript

Entry point script for abjad-book.

abjad$ ajv book --help
usage: abjad-book-script [-h] [--version] [-c] [-o OUTPUT_FILE_PATH] [-s] [-v]
                         [-y STYLESHEET] [-a ASSETS_DIRECTORY]
                         [-l LATEX_ROOT_DIRECTORY] [-g CONFIG]
                         input_file_path [input_file_path ...]

Preprocess LaTeX files with Abjad.

positional arguments:
  input_file_path       LaTeX file to process

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -c, --clean           remove all output blocks
  -o OUTPUT_FILE_PATH, --output-file-path OUTPUT_FILE_PATH
                        optional output file path
  -s, --skip-rendering  skip all image rendering and simply execute the code
  -v, --verbose         verbose output
  -y STYLESHEET, --stylesheet STYLESHEET
                        optional LilyPond stylesheet
                        optional assets directory
                        optional LaTeX root directory
  -g CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        path to config file

Attributes Summary


Special methods


Calls developer script.

Returns none.

Return type:None

Read-only properties


The script’s instance of argparse.ArgumentParser.


Formatted help of developer script.


Formatted usage of developer script.


Formatted version of developer script.


The name of the script, callable from the command line.