digraph InheritanceGraph { graph [bgcolor=transparent, color=lightsteelblue2, fontname=Arial, fontsize=10, outputorder=edgesfirst, overlap=prism, penwidth=2, rankdir=LR, splines=spline, style="dashed, rounded", truecolor=true]; node [colorscheme=pastel19, fontname=Arial, fontsize=10, height=0, penwidth=2, shape=box, style="filled, rounded", width=0]; edge [color=lightslategrey, penwidth=1]; subgraph cluster_abc { graph [label=abc]; node [color=1]; "abc.ABC" [URL="", label=ABC, target=_top]; } subgraph "cluster_abjadext.cli" { graph [label="abjadext.cli"]; node [color=2]; "abjadext.cli.ManageBuildTargetScript.ManageBuildTargetScript" [URL="../api/abjadext/cli/ManageBuildTargetScript.html#abjadext.cli.ManageBuildTargetScript.ManageBuildTargetScript", color=black, fontcolor=white, label="Manage\nBuild\nTarget\nScript", target=_top]; "abjadext.cli.ScorePackageScript.ScorePackageScript" [URL="../api/abjadext/cli/ScorePackageScript.html#abjadext.cli.ScorePackageScript.ScorePackageScript", label="Score\nPackage\nScript", shape=oval, style=bold, target=_top]; "abjadext.cli.ScorePackageScript.ScorePackageScript" -> "abjadext.cli.ManageBuildTargetScript.ManageBuildTargetScript"; } subgraph cluster_builtins { graph [label=builtins]; node [color=3]; "builtins.object" [URL="", label=object, target=_top]; } subgraph "cluster_uqbar.cli" { graph [label="uqbar.cli"]; node [color=4]; "uqbar.cli.CLI.CLI" [label=CLI, shape=oval, style=bold]; } "abc.ABC" -> "uqbar.cli.CLI.CLI"; "builtins.object" -> "abc.ABC"; "uqbar.cli.CLI.CLI" -> "abjadext.cli.ScorePackageScript.ScorePackageScript"; }

class abjadext.cli.ManageBuildTargetScript.ManageBuildTargetScript

Manages score package build target.

abjad$ ajv builds --help
usage: manage-build-target-script [-h] [--version]
                                  (--new [NAME] | --render NAME | --distribute NAME | --list)
                                  [--front-cover] [--back-cover] [--preface]
                                  [--score] [--music] [--parts]
                                  [--paper-size PAPER_SIZE]
                                  [--orientation ORIENTATION]
                                  [--score-path SCORE] [--force]

Manage score package build targets.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             show program's version number and exit

  --new [NAME], -N [NAME]
                        create a new build target
  --render NAME, -R NAME
                        render sources
  --distribute NAME, -U NAME
                        stage build artifacts for distribution
  --list, -L            list build targets

--render flags:
  Use when rendering specific assets only.

  --front-cover         render the front cover LaTeX source
  --back-cover          render the back cover LaTeX source
  --preface             render the preface LaTeX source
  --score               render the aggregate score LaTeX source
  --music               render the music LilyPond source
  --parts               render the parts LilyPond source

--new options:
  --paper-size PAPER_SIZE
                        select new build target paper size
  --orientation ORIENTATION
                        select new build target orientation

common options:
  --score-path SCORE, -s SCORE
                        score path or package name
  --force, -f           force overwriting

Attributes Summary


Special methods


Calls developer script.

Returns none.

Return type:None

Read-only properties


The script’s instance of argparse.ArgumentParser.


Formatted help of developer script.


Formatted usage of developer script.


Formatted version of developer script.


The name of the script, callable from the command line.