Abjad API



Command-line tools.


AbjDevScript Entry-point to the Abjad developer scripts catalog.
CleanScript Removes .pyc, *.swp files and __pycache__ and tmp directories recursively in a path.
ReplaceScript Replaces text in files recursively.
StatsScript Builds statistics about a codebase.


run_ajv Entry point for setuptools.


Abjad’s core component classes: notes, rests, chords, tuplets, measures, containers and contexts.

Abstract Classes

Component Component baseclass.
Leaf Leaf baseclass.


Inspection Inspection.
Iteration Iteration.
Label Label.
Mutation Mutation.


AcciaccaturaContainer Acciaccatura container.
AfterGraceContainer After grace container.
AppoggiaturaContainer Appoggiatura container.
Cluster Cluster.
Container Container.
GraceContainer Grace container.
Measure Measure.
Tuplet Tuplet.


Context LilyPond context.
Score Score.
Staff Staff.
StaffGroup Staff group.
Voice Voice.


Chord Chord.
MultimeasureRest Multimeasure rest.
Note Note.
Rest Rest.
Skip LilyPond skip.


LeafMaker Leaf-maker.
MeasureMaker Measure-maker.
NoteMaker Note-maker.


DrumNoteHead Drum note-head.
NoteHead Note-head.
NoteHeadList Note-head list.


Descendants Descendants of a component.
Lineage Lineage of a component.
LogicalTie Logical tie of a component.
Parentage Parentage of a component.
Selection Selection of items (components / or other selections).
VerticalMoment Vertical moment.


Literature examples implemented in Abjad.



make_bartok_score Build the Bartok example score.



FerneyhoughDemo Ferneyhough demo.



make_desordre_cell Makes a Désordre cell.
make_desordre_lilypond_file Makes Désordre LilyPond file.
make_desordre_measure Makes a measure composed of Désordre cells.
make_desordre_pitches Makes Désordre pitches.
make_desordre_score Makes Désordre score.
make_desordre_staff Makes Désordre staff.



choose_mozart_measures Chooses Mozart measures.
make_mozart_lilypond_file Makes Mozart LilyPond file.
make_mozart_measure Makes Mozart measure.
make_mozart_measure_corpus Makes Mozart measure corpus.
make_mozart_score Makes Mozart score.



PartCantusScoreTemplate Pärt Cantus score template.


add_bell_music_to_score Adds bell music to score.
add_string_music_to_score Adds string music to score.
apply_bowing_marks Applies bowing marks to score.
apply_dynamics Applies dynamics to score.
apply_expressive_marks Applies expressive marks to score.
apply_final_bar_lines Applies final bar lines to score.
apply_page_breaks Applies page breaks to score.
apply_rehearsal_marks Applies rehearsal marks to score.
configure_lilypond_file Configures LilyPond file.
configure_score Configures score.
create_pitch_contour_reservoir Creates pitch contour reservoir.
durate_pitch_contour_reservoir Durates pitch contour reservoir.
edit_bass_voice Edits bass voice.
edit_cello_voice Edits cello voice.
edit_first_violin_voice Edits first violin voice.
edit_second_violin_voice Edits second violin voice.
edit_viola_voice Edits viola voice.
make_part_lilypond_file Makes Pärt LilyPond file.
shadow_pitch_contour_reservoir Shadows pitch contour reservoir.




Comparison Enumeration of amount comparisons.
HorizontalAlignment Enumeration of horizontal alignments.
VerticalAlignment Enumeration of vertical alignments.


Custom exceptions.


AssignabilityError Duration can not be assigned to note, rest or chord.
ExtraSpannerError More than one spanner found for single-spanner operation.
ImpreciseMetronomeMarkError MetronomeMark is imprecise.
LilyPondParserError Can not parse input.
MissingMeasureError No measure found.
MissingMetronomeMarkError No metronome mark found.
MissingSpannerError No spanner found.
OverfullContainerError Container contents duration is greater than container target duration.
ParentageError A parentage error.
PersistentIndicatorError Persistent indicator already attached at same context.
SchemeParserFinishedError SchemeParser has finished parsing.
UnboundedTimeIntervalError Time interval has no bounds.
UnderfullContainerError Container contents duration is less than container target duration.
WellformednessError Score not well formed.


Tools for modeling “indicators”.


Arpeggio Arpeggio.
Articulation Articulation.
BarLine Bar line.
BendAfter Fall or doit.
BowContactPoint Bow contact point.
BowMotionTechnique Bow motion technique.
BowPressure Bow pressure indicator.
BreathMark Breath mark.
Clef Clef.
ColorFingering Color fingering.
Dynamic Dynamic.
DynamicTrend Dynamic trend.
Fermata Fermata.
KeyCluster Key cluster.
KeySignature Key signature.
LaissezVibrer Laissez vibrer.
LilyPondComment LilyPond comment.
LilyPondLiteral LilyPond literal.
MarginMarkup Margin markup.
MetricModulation Metric modulation.
MetronomeMark MetronomeMark.
Mode Mode.
RehearsalMark Rehearsal mark.
Repeat Repeat.
Staccatissimo Staccatissimo.
Staccato Staccato.
StaffChange Staff change.
StartMarkup Start markup.
StartTextSpan LilyPond \startTextSpan command.
StemTremolo Stem tremolo.
StopTextSpan LilyPond \stopTextSpan command.
StringContactPoint String contact point.
TimeSignature Time signature.
Tremolo Tremolo (of exactly two notes).
WoodwindFingering Woodwind fingering.


Instrument classes.


Accordion Accordion.
AltoFlute Alto flute.
AltoSaxophone Alto saxophone.
AltoTrombone Alto trombone.
AltoVoice Alto voice.
BaritoneSaxophone Baritone saxophone.
BaritoneVoice Baritone voice.
BassClarinet Bass clarinet.
BassFlute Bass flute.
BassSaxophone Bass saxophone.
BassTrombone Bass trombone.
BassVoice Bass voice.
Bassoon Bassoon.
Cello Cello.
ClarinetInA Clarinet in A.
ClarinetInBFlat Clarinet in B-flat.
ClarinetInEFlat Clarinet in E-flat.
Contrabass Contrabass.
ContrabassClarinet Contrassbass clarinet.
ContrabassFlute Contrabass flute.
ContrabassSaxophone Contrabass saxophone.
Contrabassoon Contrabassoon.
EnglishHorn English horn.
Flute Flute.
FrenchHorn French horn.
Glockenspiel Glockenspiel.
Guitar Guitar.
Harp Harp.
Harpsichord Harpsichord.
Instrument Instrument.
Marimba Marimba.
MezzoSopranoVoice Mezzo-soprano voice.
Oboe Oboe.
Percussion Percussion instrument.
Piano Piano.
Piccolo Piccolo.
SopraninoSaxophone Sopranino saxophone.
SopranoSaxophone Soprano saxophone.
SopranoVoice Soprano voice.
StringNumber String number.
TenorSaxophone Tenor saxophone.
TenorTrombone Tenor trombone.
TenorVoice Tenor voice.
Trumpet Trumpet.
Tuba Tuba.
Tuning Tuning.
Vibraphone Vibraphone.
Viola Viola.
Violin Violin.
Xylophone Xylphone.


Tools for modeling high-level constructs in LilyPond’s file format.


Block A LilyPond file block.
ContextBlock A LilyPond file \context block.
DateTimeToken A LilyPond file date / time token.
LilyPondDimension A LilyPond file \paper block dimension.
LilyPondFile A LilyPond file.
LilyPondLanguageToken A LilyPond file \language token.
LilyPondVersionToken A LilyPond file \version token.
PackageGitCommitToken A Python package git commit token.


Tools for modeling LilyPond’s “grobs”, “context”, “engravers”, etc.


LilyPondContext LilyPond context.
LilyPondContextSetting LilyPond context setting.
LilyPondEngraver LilyPond engraver.
LilyPondGrob LilyPond grob.
LilyPondGrobInterface LilyPond grob interface.
LilyPondGrobNameManager LilyPond grob name manager.
LilyPondGrobOverride LilyPond grob override.
LilyPondNameManager LilyPond name manager.
LilyPondSettingNameManager LilyPond setting name manager.
LilyPondTweakManager LilyPond tweak manager.


Tools for modeling LilyPond’s markup and postscript.


Markup LilyPond markup.
MarkupCommand LilyPond markup command.
MarkupList Markup list.
Postscript Postscript session.
PostscriptOperator Postscript operator.


Tools for math.


Infinity Infinity.
NegativeInfinity Negative infinity.
NonreducedFraction Nonreduced fraction.
NonreducedRatio Nonreduced ratio.
Ratio Ratio.


all_are_equal Is true when argument is an iterable collection of equal items.
all_are_integer_equivalent Is true when argument is an iterable collection with integer-equivalent items.
all_are_integer_equivalent_numbers Is true when argument is an iterable collection with integer-equivalent items.
all_are_nonnegative_integer_equivalent_numbers Is true when argument is an iterable collection of nonnegative integer-equivalent numbers.
all_are_nonnegative_integer_powers_of_two Is true when argument is an iterable collection of nonnegative integer powers of two.
all_are_nonnegative_integers Is true when argument is an iterable collection of nonnegative integers.
all_are_pairs_of_types Is true when argument is an iterable collection whose members are all of length 2, and where the first member of each pair is an instance of first_type and where the second member of each pair is an instance of second_type.
all_are_positive_integers Is true when argument is an iterable collection of positive integers.
are_relatively_prime Is true when argument is an iterable collection of relative primes.
arithmetic_mean Gets arithmetic mean of argument.
binomial_coefficient Gets binomial coefficient of n choose k.
cumulative_products Gets cumulative products of argument.
cumulative_sums Gets cumulative sums of argument.
cumulative_sums_pairwise Gets pairwise cumulative sums of argument from zero.
difference_series Gets difference series of argument.
divisors Gets positive divisors of n in increasing order.
factors Gets prime factors less than or equal to n .
fraction_to_proper_fraction Changes rational to proper fraction.
greatest_common_divisor Calculates greatest common divisor of integers.
greatest_power_of_two_less_equal Gets greatest integer power of two less than or equal to positive n.
integer_equivalent_number_to_integer Changes integer-equivalent number to integer.
integer_to_base_k_tuple Changes nonnegative integer n to base-k tuple.
integer_to_binary_string Changes positive integer n to binary string.
is_assignable_integer Is true when argument is equivalent to an integer that can be written without recourse to ties.
is_integer_equivalent Is true when argument is an integer-equivalent number.
is_integer_equivalent_n_tuple Is true when argument is a tuple of n integer-equivalent items.
is_integer_equivalent_number Is true when argument is a number and argument is equivalent to an integer.
is_nonnegative_integer Is true when argument equals a nonnegative integer.
is_nonnegative_integer_equivalent_number Is true when argument is a nonnegative integer-equivalent number.
is_nonnegative_integer_power_of_two Is true when argument is a nonnegative integer power of 2.
is_positive_integer Is true when argument equals a positive integer.
is_positive_integer_equivalent_number Is true when argument is a positive integer-equivalent number.
is_positive_integer_power_of_two Is true when argument is a positive integer power of 2.
least_common_multiple Gets least common multiple of positive integers.
partition_integer_by_ratio Partitions positive integer-equivalent n by ratio.
partition_integer_into_canonic_parts Partitions integer n into canonic parts.
sign Gets sign of n.
weight Gets weight of argument.
yield_all_compositions_of_integer Yields all compositions of positive integer n.


Tools for modeling musical meter.


Meter Meter.
MeterList Meter list.
MetricAccentKernel Metric accent kernel.
OffsetCounter Offset counter.


Abjad’s LilyPond parser and supporting classes.

Abstract Classes

Music Abjad model of the LilyPond AST music node.
SimultaneousMusic Abjad model of the LilyPond AST simultaneous music node.


ContextSpeccedMusic Abjad model of the LilyPond AST context-specced music node.
GuileProxy Emulates LilyPond music functions.
LilyPondDuration Model of a duration in LilyPond.
LilyPondEvent Model of an arbitrary event in LilyPond.
LilyPondFraction Model of a fraction in LilyPond.
LilyPondGrammarGenerator Generates a syntax skeleton from LilyPond grammar files.
LilyPondLexicalDefinition The lexical definition of LilyPond’s syntax.
LilyPondParser A LilyPond syntax parser.
LilyPondSyntacticalDefinition The syntactical definition of LilyPond’s syntax.
ReducedLyParser Parses the “reduced-ly” syntax, a modified subset of LilyPond syntax.
SchemeParser SchemeParser` mimics how LilyPond’s embedded Scheme parser behaves.
SequentialMusic Abjad model of the LilyPond AST sequential music node.
SyntaxNode A node in an abstract syntax tree (AST).


parse_reduced_ly_syntax Parse the reduced LilyPond rhythmic syntax:


Tools for modeling and manipulating 24ET pitches.

Abstract Classes

Interval Abstract interval.
IntervalClass Abstract interval-class.
Pitch Abstract pitch.
PitchClass Abstract pitch-class.
Segment Abstract segment.
Set Abstract set.
Vector Abstract vector.


Accidental Accidental.
ColorMap Color map.
CompoundOperator Compound operator.
Duplication Duplication.
IntervalClassSegment Interval-class segment.
IntervalClassSet Interval-class set.
IntervalClassVector Interval-class vector.
IntervalSegment Interval segment.
IntervalSet Interval set.
IntervalVector Interval vector.
Inversion Inversion operator.
Multiplication Multiplication operator.
NamedInterval Named interval.
NamedIntervalClass Named interval-class.
NamedInversionEquivalentIntervalClass Named inversion-equivalent interval-class.
NamedPitch Named pitch.
NamedPitchClass Named pitch-class.
NumberedInterval Numbered interval.
NumberedIntervalClass Numbered interval-class.
NumberedInversionEquivalentIntervalClass Numbered inversion-equivalent interval-class.
NumberedPitch Numbered pitch.
NumberedPitchClass Numbered pitch-class.
Octave Octave.
PitchClassSegment Pitch-class segment.
PitchClassSet Pitch-class set.
PitchClassVector Pitch-class vector.
PitchRange Pitch range.
PitchSegment Pitch segment.
PitchSet Pitch set.
PitchVector Pitch vector.
Retrograde Retrograde operator.
Rotation Rotation operator.
SetClass Set-class.
StaffPosition Staff position.
Transposition Transposition operator.
TwelveToneRow Twelve-tone row.


Tools for modeling “rhythm-trees”.

Abstract Classes

RhythmTreeMixin Abstract rhythm-tree node.


RhythmTreeContainer Rhythm-tree container.
RhythmTreeLeaf Rhythm-tree leaf.
RhythmTreeParser Rhythm-tree parser.


parse_rtm_syntax Parses RTM syntax.


Tools for modeling Scheme datastructures used in LilyPond.


Scheme Abjad model of Scheme code.
SchemeAssociativeList Abjad model of Scheme associative list.
SchemeColor Abjad model of Scheme color.
SchemeMoment Abjad model of Scheme moment.
SchemePair Abjad model of Scheme pair.
SchemeSymbol Abjad model of Scheme symbol.
SchemeVector Abjad model of Scheme vector.
SchemeVectorConstant Abjad model of Scheme vector constant.
SpacingVector Abjad model of Scheme spacing vector.


Tools for high-level score modeling.


Job Job.
Momento Momento.
Part Part.
PartAssignment Part assignment.
PartManifest Part manifest.
PersistentOverride Persistent override.
Section Section.

Score templates

GroupedRhythmicStavesScoreTemplate Grouped rhythmic staves score template.
GroupedStavesScoreTemplate Grouped staves score template.
ScoreTemplate Abstract score template.
StringOrchestraScoreTemplate String orchestra score template.
StringQuartetScoreTemplate String quartet score template.
TwoStaffPianoScoreTemplate Two-staff piano score template.


Line Line in a LilyPond file.
Path Path in an Abjad score package.
SegmentMaker Segment-maker.


Tools for modeling spanners: slurs, beams, glissandi, etc.


Beam Beam.
BowContactSpanner Bow contact spanner.
Glissando Glissando.
HorizontalBracket Horizontal bracket.
OctavationSpanner Octavation spanner.
PhrasingSlur Phrasing slur.
PianoPedalSpanner Piano pedal spanner.
Slur Slur.
Spanner Spanner.
Tie Tie.
TrillSpanner Trill spanner.



Hairpin Hairpin.


hairpin Attaches hairpin indicators.



TextSpanner Text spanner.


text_spanner Attaches text span indicators.


Abjad’s system internals.

Abstract Classes

ContextManager An abstract context manager class.
Parser Abstract base class for Abjad parsers.


BenchmarkScoreMaker Benchmark score-maker.


AbjadObject Abstract base class from which many custom classes inherit.
AbjadValueObject Abstract base class for classes which compare equally based on their storage format.
PersistenceManager Persistence manager.
Signature Signature.
Tag Tag.
Tags Tags.

Context managers

FilesystemState Filesystem state context manager.
ForbidUpdate A context manager for forbidding score updates.
NullContextManager A context manager that does nothing.
ProgressIndicator A context manager for printing progress indications.
RedirectedStreams A context manager for capturing stdout and stderr output.
TemporaryDirectory A temporary directory context manager.
TemporaryDirectoryChange A context manager for temporarily changing the current working directory.
Timer A timing context manager.


run_abjad Runs Abjad.


Wrapper Wrapper.

LilyPond formatting

LilyPondFormatBundle LilyPond format bundle.
LilyPondFormatManager Manages LilyPond formatting logic.
SlotContributions Slot contributions.


IOManager Manages Abjad IO.
ImportManager Imports structured packages.
TestManager Manages test logic.
UpdateManager Update manager.
WellformednessManager Wellformedness manager.

Storage formatting

FormatSpecification Format specification.
StorageFormatManager Manages Abjad object storage formats.
StorageFormatSpecification Storage format specification.

System configuration

AbjadConfiguration Abjad configuration.
Configuration Configuration.


Tools for modeling “timespans”.


offset_happens_after_timespan_starts Makes time relation indicating that offset happens after timespan starts.
offset_happens_after_timespan_stops Makes time relation indicating that offset happens after timespan stops.
offset_happens_before_timespan_starts Makes time relation indicating that offset happens before timespan starts.
offset_happens_before_timespan_stops Makes time relation indicating that offset happens before timespan stops.
offset_happens_during_timespan Makes time relation indicating that offset happens during timespan.
offset_happens_when_timespan_starts Makes time relation indicating that offset happens when timespan starts.
offset_happens_when_timespan_stops Makes time relation indicating that offset happens when timespan stops.
timespan_2_contains_timespan_1_improperly Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 contains timespan_1 improperly.
timespan_2_curtails_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 curtails timespan_1.
timespan_2_delays_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 delays timespan_1.
timespan_2_happens_during_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 happens during timespan_1.
timespan_2_intersects_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 intersects timespan_1.
timespan_2_is_congruent_to_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 is congruent to timespan_1.
timespan_2_overlaps_all_of_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 overlaps all of timespan_1.
timespan_2_overlaps_only_start_of_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 happens during timespan_1.
timespan_2_overlaps_only_stop_of_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 overlaps only stop of timespan_1.
timespan_2_overlaps_start_of_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 overlaps start of timespan_1.
timespan_2_overlaps_stop_of_timespan_1 Make time relation indicating that timespan_2 overlaps stop of timespan_1.
timespan_2_starts_after_timespan_1_starts Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 happens during timespan_1.
timespan_2_starts_after_timespan_1_stops Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 starts after timespan_1 stops.
timespan_2_starts_before_timespan_1_starts Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 starts before timespan_1 starts.
timespan_2_starts_before_timespan_1_stops Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 starts before timespan_1 stops.
timespan_2_starts_during_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 starts during timespan_1.
timespan_2_starts_when_timespan_1_starts Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 starts when timespan_1 starts.
timespan_2_starts_when_timespan_1_stops Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 happens during timespan_1.
timespan_2_stops_after_timespan_1_starts Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 stops after timespan_1 starts.
timespan_2_stops_after_timespan_1_stops Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 stops after timespan_1 stops.
timespan_2_stops_before_timespan_1_starts Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 happens during timespan_1.
timespan_2_stops_before_timespan_1_stops Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 happens during timespan_1.
timespan_2_stops_during_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 stops during timespan_1.
timespan_2_stops_when_timespan_1_starts Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 happens during timespan_1.
timespan_2_stops_when_timespan_1_stops Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 happens during timespan_1.
timespan_2_trisects_timespan_1 Makes time relation indicating that timespan_2 trisects timespan_1.

Time relations

CompoundInequality Compound time-relation inequality.
OffsetTimespanTimeRelation Offfset vs.
TimeRelation Time relation.
TimespanInequality Timespan inequality.
TimespanTimespanTimeRelation Timespan vs.


AnnotatedTimespan Annotated timespan.
Timespan Timespan.
TimespanList Timespan list.


Abjad’s top-level functions.


activate Activates tag in text.
annotate Annotates component with indicator.
attach Attaches attachable to target.
deactivate Deactivates tag in text.
detach Detaches indicators-equal-to-argument from target.
f Formats argument and prints result.
graph Graphs argument.
inspect Makes inspection agent.
iterate Makes iteration agent.
label Makes label agent or label expression.
mutate Makes mutation agent.
new Makes new argument with optional keywords.
override Makes LilyPond grob name manager.
parse Parses LilyPond string.
persist Makes persistence manager.
play Plays argument.
select Selects items or makes select expression.
sequence Makes sequence or sequence expression.
setting Makes LilyPond setting name manager.
show Shows argument.
tweak Makes LilyPond tweak manager.


Utility classes and functions.

Abstract Classes

TypedCollection Abstract typed collection.


CyclicTuple Cyclic tuple.
Duration Duration.
Enumerator Enumerator.
Expression Expression.
Multiplier Multiplier.
Offset Offset.
OrderedDict Ordered dictionary.
Pattern Pattern.
PatternTuple Pattern tuple.
Sequence Sequence.
SortedCollection Sorted collection.
String String.
TypedCounter Typed counter.
TypedFrozenset Typed fozen set.
TypedList Typed list.
TypedTuple Typed tuple.


compare_images Compare image_one against image_two using ImageMagick’s compare commandline tool.
list_all_classes Lists all public classes defined in path.
list_all_functions Lists all public functions defined in modules.
list_all_ide_classes Lists all public classes defined in Abjad IDE.
list_all_ide_functions Lists all public functions defined in Abjad IDE.
yield_all_modules Yields all modules encountered in path.


DurationInequality Duration inequality.
Inequality Inequality.
LengthInequality Length inequality.
PitchInequality Pitch inequality.



Extension for generating Sphinx and LaTeX documentation with embedded notation.

Document Handlers

LaTeXDocumentHandler A LaTeX document handler.

Entry Points

AbjadBookScript Entry point script for abjad-book.


AbjadBookError An abjad-book error.


example_function This is a multiline docstring.


AbjadBookConsole An interactive console which provides a sandboxed namespace for executing abjad-book code examples.
CodeBlock A code block.
LilyPondBlock A LilyPond block.


Sphinx Internals

AbjadDirective An abjad-book interpreter directive.
AbjadDoctestDirective An abjad-book doctest directive.
ImportDirective An abjad-book import directive.
RevealDirective An abjad-book reveal directive.
ShellDirective An abjad-book shell directive.
ThumbnailDirective A thumbnail directive.


Output Proxies

CodeOutputProxy A code output proxy.
GraphvizOutputProxy A Graphviz output proxy.
ImageOutputProxy Abstract base class for image output proxies.
LilyPondOutputProxy A LilyPond output proxy.
RawLilyPondOutputProxy A raw LilyPond output proxy.



CodeBlockSpecifier A code block specifier.
ImageLayoutSpecifier An image layout specifier.
ImageRenderSpecifier An image render specifier.





Extension for managing score projects on the commandline.

Abstract Classes

ScorePackageScript Abstract base class for score-package scripts.


ManageBuildTargetScript Manages score package build target.
ManageMaterialScript Manages score package materials.
ManageScoreScript Manages score package.
ManageSegmentScript Manages score package segments.


Abjad’s IPython extension.


Graph IPython replacement callable for abjad.graph().
Play IPython replacement callable for abjad.play().
Show IPython replacement callable for abjad.show().


load_ipython_extension Integrates audio and visual rendering of Abjad scores in IPython notebooks.


Extension for quantizing rhythm, based on Paul Nauert’s Q-Grid technique.

Abstract Classes

AttackPointOptimizer Abstract attack-point optimizer.
GraceHandler Abstract grace-handler.
Heuristic Abstract heuristic.
JobHandler Abstact job-handler.
QEvent Abstract Q-event.
QSchema Abstract Q-schema.
QSchemaItem Abstract q-schema item.
QTarget Abstract q-target.
SearchTree Abstract search tree.


BeatwiseQSchema Beatwise q-schema.
BeatwiseQSchemaItem Beatwise q-schema item.
BeatwiseQTarget Beatwise q-target.
CollapsingGraceHandler Collapsing grace-handler.
ConcatenatingGraceHandler Concatenating grace-handler.
DiscardingGraceHandler Discarindg grace-handler.
DistanceHeuristic Distance heuristic.
MeasurewiseAttackPointOptimizer Measurewise attack-point optimizer.
MeasurewiseQSchema Measurewise q-schema.
MeasurewiseQSchemaItem Measurewise q-schema item.
MeasurewiseQTarget Measurewise quantization target.
NaiveAttackPointOptimizer Naive attack-point optimizer.
NullAttackPointOptimizer Null attack-point optimizer.
ParallelJobHandler Parallel job-handler.
ParallelJobHandlerWorker Parallel job-handler worker.
PitchedQEvent Pitched q-event.
QEventProxy Q-event proxy.
QEventSequence Q-event sequence.
QGrid Q-grid.
QGridContainer Q-grid container.
QGridLeaf Q-grid leaf.
QTargetBeat Q-target beat.
QTargetMeasure Q-target measure.
QuantizationJob Quantization job.
Quantizer Quantizer.
SerialJobHandler Serial job-handler.
SilentQEvent Silent q-event.
TerminalQEvent Terminal q-event.
UnweightedSearchTree Unweighted search tree based on Paul Nauert’s model.
WeightedSearchTree Weighted search tree.


Tools for making rhythm.


SilenceMask Silence mask.
SustainMask Sustain mask.


AccelerandoRhythmMaker Accelerando rhythm-maker.
EvenDivisionRhythmMaker Even division rhythm-maker.
IncisedRhythmMaker Incised rhythm-maker.
NoteRhythmMaker Note rhythm-maker.
RhythmMaker Abstract rhythm-maker.
TaleaRhythmMaker Talea rhythm-maker.
TupletRhythmMaker Tuplet rhythm-maker.


BeamSpecifier Beam specifier.
BurnishSpecifier Burnish specifier.
DurationSpecifier Duration specifier.
InciseSpecifier Incise specifier.
InterpolationSpecifier Interpolation specifier.
Talea Talea.
TieSpecifier Tie specifier.
TupletSpecifier Tuplet specifier.


Tools for tonal analysis.


ChordExtent Chord extent.
ChordInversion Chord inversion.
ChordQuality Chord quality.
ChordSuspension Chord suspension.
RomanNumeral Roman numeral.
RootedChordClass Rooted chord class.
RootlessChordClass Rootless chord class.
Scale Scale.
ScaleDegree Scale degree.
TonalAnalysis Tonal analysis agent.


analyze Makes tonal analysis agent.