digraph InheritanceGraph { graph [bgcolor=transparent, color=lightslategrey, dpi=72, fontname=Arial, outputorder=edgesfirst, overlap=prism, penwidth=2, rankdir=LR, root="__builtin__.object", splines=spline, style="dotted, rounded", truecolor=true]; node [colorscheme=pastel19, fontname=Arial, fontsize=12, penwidth=2, style="filled, rounded"]; edge [color=lightsteelblue2, penwidth=2]; subgraph cluster_abctools { graph [label=abctools]; "" [color=1, group=0, label=AbjadObject, shape=box]; "" [color=1, group=0, label=AbstractBase, shape=box]; "" [color=1, group=0, label=AbjadValueObject, shape=box]; "" -> ""; "" -> ""; } subgraph cluster_sequencetools { graph [label=sequencetools]; "" [color=black, fontcolor=white, group=2, label=Duplication, shape=box, style="filled, rounded"]; "" [color=black, fontcolor=white, group=2, label=Sequence, shape=box, style="filled, rounded"]; } subgraph cluster_builtins { graph [label=builtins]; "builtins.object" [color=2, group=1, label=object, shape=box]; } "" -> ""; "" -> ""; "builtins.object" -> ""; }


Duplication Duplication operator.
Sequence A sequence.


flatten_sequence Flattens sequence.
increase_elements Increases sequence cyclically by addenda.
interlace_sequences Interlaces sequences.
iterate_sequence_boustrophedon Iterates iterable boustrophedon.
iterate_sequence_nwise Iterates elements in iterable n at a time.
join_subsequences Join subsequences in sequence.
join_subsequences_by_sign_of_elements Joins subsequences in sequence by sign of elements.
negate_elements Negates sequence elements.
overwrite_elements Overwrites sequence elements at indices according to pairs.
partition_sequence_by_counts Partitions sequence by counts.
partition_sequence_by_ratio_of_lengths Partitions sequence by ratio of lengths.
partition_sequence_by_ratio_of_weights Partitions sequence by ratio of weights.
partition_sequence_by_restricted_growth_function Partitions sequence by restricted_growth_function.
partition_sequence_by_sign_of_elements Partitions sequence by sign of elements.
partition_sequence_by_value_of_elements Groups sequence elements by value of elements.
partition_sequence_by_weights Partitions sequence by weights exactly.
permute_sequence Permutes sequence.
remove_elements Removes sequence elements at indices.
remove_repeated_elements Removes repeated elements from sequence.
remove_subsequence_of_weight_at_index Removes subsequence of weight at index.
repeat_elements Repeats sequence elements.
repeat_sequence Repeats sequence n times.
repeat_sequence_to_length Repeats sequence to nonnegative integer length.
repeat_sequence_to_weight Repeats sequence to weight.
replace_elements Replaces sequence elements.
retain_elements Retains sequence elements.
reverse_sequence Reverses sequence.
rotate_sequence Rotates sequence.
splice_between_elements Splices copies of new_elements between each of the elements of sequence.
split_sequence Splits sequence by weights.
sum_consecutive_elements_by_sign Sums consecutive sequence elements by sign.
sum_elements Sums sequence elements at indices according to pairs.
truncate_sequence Truncates sequence.
yield_all_combinations_of_elements Yields all combinations of sequence in binary string order.
yield_all_k_ary_sequences_of_length Yields all k-ary sequences of length.
yield_all_pairs_between_sequences Yields all pairs between sequences l and m.
yield_all_partitions_of_sequence Yields all partitions of sequence.
yield_all_permutations_of_sequence Yields all permutations of sequence.
yield_all_permutations_of_sequence_in_orbit Yields all permutations of sequence in orbit of permutation.
yield_all_restricted_growth_functions_of_length Yields all restricted growth functions of length.
yield_all_rotations_of_sequence Yields all n-rotations of sequence.
yield_all_set_partitions_of_sequence Yields all set partitions of sequence.
yield_all_subsequences_of_sequence Yields all subsequences of sequence.
yield_all_unordered_pairs_of_sequence Yields all unordered pairs of sequence.
yield_outer_product_of_sequences Yields outer product of sequences.
zip_sequences Zips iterables.