Abjad “hello, world!” (in a file)

Writing the file

Open the terminal and change to whatever directory you’d like.

Use your text editor to create a new file called hello_world.py. If you have hello_world.py left over from earlier you should delete it and create a new file.

Type the following lines of code into hello_world.py:

from abjad import *

note = Note("c'4")

Save hello_world.py and quit your text editor.

Interpreting the file

Call Python on hello_world.py:

$ python hello_world.py

Python reads hello_world.py and shows the score you’ve created.

Repeating the process

Working with files in Abjad means that you do these things:

  1. edit a file
  2. interpret the file

These steps make up a type of edit-interpret loop.

This way of working with Abjad remains the same no matter how complex the scores you build become.