More about LilyPond

Abjad extends LilyPond

LilyPond is an open-source music notation package invented by Han-Wen Nienhuys and Jan Niewenhuizen and extended by an international team of developers and musicians. LilyPond differs from other music engraving programs in a number of ways. LilyPond separates musical content from page layout. LilyPond affords typographic control over almost everything. And LilyPond implements a powerfully correct model of the musical score.

You can start working with Abjad right away because Abjad creates LilyPond files for you automatically. But you will work with Abjad faster and more effectively if you understand the structure of the LilyPond files Abjad creates. For this reason we recommend new users spend a couple of days learning LilyPond first.

Start by reading about text input in LilyPond. Then work through the LilyPond tutorial. You can test your understanding of LilyPond by using the program to engrave the first few phrases of a Bach chorale. Once you can engrave a chorale in LilyPond you’ll understand the way Abjad works with LilyPond behind the scenes.